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Sequences for sale

After getting questions about how it is possible to obtain the sequences I created, I decided to make that simple for anyone interested by enabling you to purchase them directly through the dA site.

Sequences offered at this point are:

Mature Content

Solid Change by MBirdCZ
Solid Change - 2500 :points:

Mature Content

MyToys - BUNDLE by MBirdCZ
My Toys (BUNDLE containing both episodes) - 2500 :points:

Mature Content

The Airhead - BUNDLE by MBirdCZ
The Airhead (BUNDLE containing comic and source image versions) - 2000 :points:

Mature Content

The Airhead - CS Comic Version by MBirdCZ
The Airhead (Comic version only) - 1500 :points:


If you are a dA cheerleader incapable of having a constructive discussion, then please stop reading here.

As the title already mentions, this journal entry is a rant. Why? Because yesterday, dA rolled out the new, the great, the greatest, the best update to the visual style of gallery browsing. And it sucks... Bigly!

Now, don't get me wrong, the new style looks clean and I'm sure it works pretty well for anyone who comes to dA to consume content. The new style allows those users to see exactly what they came for - big, endless, colorful wall of thumbnails they can scroll and scroll until their browser runs out of memory...

For me, this change is for a worse. Sure, I like to browse galleries in various groups and other members, but I also like to see more than just a wall of thumbs. Especially in places, where you are presented works from different artists. In this regard the old style was so much better, because under every thumbnail you could immediately see who the author is, how many comments the work accumulated etc.

I'm not saying that you can't get this information with the new stye. Sure, you can. Problem is that this information is not visible and to get it, you need to mouse over every single image to see it in the image overlay layer. And if the thumbnail is too narrow and uses an unfortunate aspect ratio, then you are in bad luck because this information does not fit into the inside area of the thumbnail and so you can't even see it at all.

The change is global, and so far there is not way to go into your browsing preferences and switch back to the old style.

I tried to point this out in the official Journal entry that came out after the changes were introduced but in return I just received a reply from some dA cheerleader basically telling me to keep quiet and accept the change as there actually are people out there who like it this way better. And that grown up people should not protest against changes, because changes mean progress. Seriously? I have seen grown up people voting for Trump...

My only grudge now is, that Core memberships are, as per dA policy, non refundable and that I fell for the Core hype last year and dished out money to extend my Core membership for another 17 months... If the browsing style change was deployed before I paid for the Core, I would never do it.

In general, I don't like how various companies "improve" their products to a point where those products become unusable just because the improvement choices are in hands of people who may have a vision, but the vision may be viable from an aesthetic point of view, but is totally cumbersome when it comes to usability, information presenting etc. Anyone remembers Yahoo and what they did to a perfectly fine Yahoo Messenger, which is now totally unusable as it is lacking even the most basic features one expects from an IM client?

So now, I'm basically thinking about just sucking it up, letting dA keep my money, delete my account here and leave.

So in case you notice that your favorites folders are missing few images and/or stories, it may not be a bug of dA rolling out more unannounced changes, it maybe just grumpy, old, angry me leaving.

Then again... If a tree falls in a forest only beavers give a dam... Given that the tree falls in Canada... Which I'm not from...
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I tried in past, but they take way too much time to render on my hardware in some acceptable quality.
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